Welcome to the website for the Country Club of Decatur. Country clubs are places where you go to spend some refreshing time with the people you love. There is generally a great amount of greenery present there, with scenic landscapes and games that you can play at the Golf Club. The country club of Decatur is one of the best Gold Clubs in the state of Illinois. There are several lakes, creeks and tall tress present in the GolfCourse, along with Zoysia grass, which is a bit rare thing to find in the middle of Illinois. The country club of Decatur also presents a scenic view that you can particularly enjoy from hole number 9 and 10. Therefore, in all fairness, the country club of Decatur is undoubtedly one of the best country clubs you could spend your time at.

The Basic Rules

  • For any player, who is carrying the required broadheadgolf equipment must know that he has to carry about 14 golf clubs, maybe less but not exceeding that amount because there is a fine for that.
  • You also need to provide caution in selecting the ball you want to play. You need to mark the ball, as if you play the wrong ball, because al of them are similarly stamped, then you could be fined.
  • You have to play your ball when it lies, or when it is completely devoid of any motion, unless others rules are stating otherwise.
  • As golf is a solitary game, you cannot seek advice on club selection from anyone who is not your team mate.

These were four pretty important and basic rules. If you want to master this sport, you have to keep in mind several other rules as well.

Use Our Beginner Tips On How To Improve Your Game

Certain beginner tips can help you get a kickstart when you are new to the game of Golf. One of the most important tips that you can follow as a beginner is to master the swing. You need to perfect the arc and the strength in your arms and focus them at one point before you try to hit the ball.

You also need to create a stance that is powerful and advantageous for you. A proper stance goes a long way when it comes to golf. A proper and advantageous stance makes way for a proper and sturdy alignment, which is also an extremely necessary thing to keep in mind before playing golf.

You also have to pay quite a bit of attention to our posture. Golf is a steady and static game; therefore, posture, stance and alignment matter a lot. You need to tilt your hips than your waist or the perfect golf posture.

The World’s Most Important Professional Golf Tournaments

Here is a list of tournaments that are regarded as the most important and popular tournaments in the international arena.


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What Is The Most Difficult Golf Course In The World?

The Bethpage Black which is a Golf course situated in New York is highly regarded as the toughest golf course in the world.

List of Golfers with Most PGA Tour Wins

Here is a list of the top golfers in the world with the highest number of PGA wins.

  1. SAM SNEAD: He has a total of 82 wins
  2. TIGER WOODS: He has a total of 81 wins
  3. JACK NIKLAUS: He has a total of 73 wins
  4. BEN HOGAN: He has a total of 64 wins
  5. ARNOLD PALMER: He has a total of 62 wins
  6. BRYAN NELSON: He has a total of 52 wins
  7. BILLY CASPER: He has a total of 51 wins
  8. WALTER HAGEN: He has a total of 45 wins
  9. PHIL MACKELSON: He has a total of 44 wins
  10. CAREY MIDDLECOFF: He has a total of 40 wins

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